Vertical World

The Vertical World is designed along the same lines as “Parkour” which involves using obstacles from the urban environment to climb, jump and perform a range of acrobatics. Vertical World provides technical and fun challenges through the variety of positions (horizontal, vertical and sloping) of the climbing structures. There are wide openings to enable climbers to use their agility and strength to go from one side to the other, and to move to other modules. Other linking elements such as nets, climbing poles or catwalks can be used to affect changes in level and lengthen the trail of adventure. The Vertical World features small cladding panels corresponding to the chosen theme of Metropolis, Medieval or Amazon.

Sadovniki Park, Moscow

Moscow, Russia

As part of the transformation of Sadovniki Park in Moscow, three new playground areas have been supplied and installed by our Proludic partners in Russia. The new playgrounds have created fantastic recreational facilities for families within this beautiful "Garden Park". The playgrounds include the following Proludic items:

Ba Xi Zhou Park, China

Changsha, China

This major playground facility in the Xiangjiang New Area of Changsha City of China was completed by Proludic's partner, Besttop, who undertake projects in Hong Kong and China.

The only means of access to the island is via a small bridge designed for walking only. Thus, all of the equipment, landscaping materials and safety surfacing had to be carried by hand to the playground site!

The playground features: