The Sand Factory

The Sand Factory reinvents the traditional playground sandpit providing even more play value for the 2-8 years in a clean, safe environment.

Lions Park, West Ryde NSW

1141 Victoria Rd, West Ryde
Lions Park

This playground features the wonderful Proludic Sand Factory, a truly multi-age item of playground equipment! 

  • J5002 Sand Factory
  • J441 Pod Swing
  • R34-IP07 Mezzo Kaleidoscope
  • R34-IP05GY Orb Chimes

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Sadovniki Park, Moscow

Moscow, Russia

As part of the transformation of Sadovniki Park in Moscow, three new playground areas have been supplied and installed by our Proludic partners in Russia. The new playgrounds have created fantastic recreational facilities for families within this beautiful "Garden Park". The playgrounds include the following Proludic items:

Ba Xi Zhou Park, China

Changsha, China

This major playground facility in the Xiangjiang New Area of Changsha City of China was completed by Proludic's partner, Besttop, who undertake projects in Hong Kong and China.

The only means of access to the island is via a small bridge designed for walking only. Thus, all of the equipment, landscaping materials and safety surfacing had to be carried by hand to the playground site!

The playground features:

Camping les Sables d'Or


A campsite in a popular holiday area in the south of France selected Proludic’s Amazon themed tower and Kanope play equipment to create a distinctive playground for their guests. The Proludic equipment complemented the landscape character of the campsite beautifully. This playground contains the following items of Proludic playground equipment:

Calle del Ejido, Spain

Córdoba, Spain

The city of Córdoba, in Spain, wanted to design a playground in tribute to its river, the Guadalquivir, which opened up trade with the Mediterranean countries.

By constructing a 12-metre-long, three-masted boat in two colours, Proludic and its Spanish distributor, HPC Ibérica, created a highly thematic and attractive playground.