Suspended World

The Suspended World explores new ways of playing, managing space and heights. The notion of “suspended” applies not only to the elements of the play equipment, but also to the users and their ways of playing on the equipment. Children explore an airborne trail through structures such as the pyramid, arch, footbridge, cableway and nest. All these activities place users in positions above the ground that require the application of balance, strength, suppleness and concentration. A play environment can be created where users never touch the ground, providing a real challenge for balance and self-control.

Sadovniki Park, Moscow

Moscow, Russia

As part of the transformation of Sadovniki Park in Moscow, three new playground areas have been supplied and installed by our Proludic partners in Russia. The new playgrounds have created fantastic recreational facilities for families within this beautiful "Garden Park". The playgrounds include the following Proludic items:

Ba Xi Zhou Park, China

Changsha, China

This major playground facility in the Xiangjiang New Area of Changsha City of China was completed by Proludic's partner, Besttop, who undertake projects in Hong Kong and China.

The only means of access to the island is via a small bridge designed for walking only. Thus, all of the equipment, landscaping materials and safety surfacing had to be carried by hand to the playground site!

The playground features: