Slides are an integral element of childrens' worlds. For younger children there are wide steps that provide a stable base for safe access, while older girls and boys climb up a ladder. There are straight or wavy slides, stainless steel tube slides, and polyethylene kayak slides – the variety of shapes, lengths and materials provide multiple solutions for developing a play area.

Harry Bagot Reserve, NSW

Corner of Shellharbour Road & Parkes Street, Port Kembla
Harry Bagot reserve Port Kembla


This playground contains the following pieces of Proludic playground equipment:

  • J1011 Maxi Slide (installed on mound)
  • J415 Golgoth
  • J3406 Pachinko Play Panel
  • J441 Metal Pod Swing
  • J2400 Speed Gyro

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Hume Hockey Centre VIC

Newbury Boulevarde, Craigieburn
Hume Hockey Centre VIC

The Hume Hockey Centre (Newbury Park) was delivered in collaboration with MDGLA and the City of Hume. The play equipment was selected to offer different challenges for multiple age groups. The "twin Altimas" provide an extreme physical and competitive challenge for teens, whilst the Kayak embankment slide, Chickies springer and Tiboo Multi Play provide play opportunities for young children:

Ba Xi Zhou Park, China

Changsha, China

This major playground facility in the Xiangjiang New Area of Changsha City of China was completed by Proludic's partner, Besttop, who undertake projects in Hong Kong and China.

The only means of access to the island is via a small bridge designed for walking only. Thus, all of the equipment, landscaping materials and safety surfacing had to be carried by hand to the playground site!

The playground features:

Alby Smith Memorial Park NSW

Dolphin Street, Coogee NSW

This playground contains the following Proludic play equipment:

  • J512 Cableway Metal
  • J45240 Biibox Multi Play
  • J473 Swings
  • Z11-1103 Biibox embankment slide

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For more information on this playground contact Randwick City Council.