International Sites

Sadovniki Park, Moscow

Moscow, Russia

As part of the transformation of Sadovniki Park in Moscow, three new playground areas have been supplied and installed by our Proludic partners in Russia. The new playgrounds have created fantastic recreational facilities for families within this beautiful "Garden Park". The playgrounds include the following Proludic items:

Camping les Sables d'Or


A campsite in a popular holiday area in the south of France selected Proludic’s Amazon themed tower and Kanope play equipment to create a distinctive playground for their guests. The Proludic equipment complemented the landscape character of the campsite beautifully. This playground contains the following items of Proludic playground equipment:

Micropolis Museum, France

Micropolis Museum, St Leons, France

Proludic France was chosen as a supplier of a new playground for the interactive Micropolis museum, in
the French department of Aveyron.

The town of St Leons where the museum is located is the birthplace of Jean-Henri Fabre the father of
modern Entomology (the study of insects).

In keeping with the theme of the museum, Proludic have installed a play unit in the form of a bee. 

Markeaton Park UK

Derby, United Kingdom

Proludic's brief for this new playground in the UK was for a playground accessible to all children, with solutions to cater for all kinds of physical and mental impairments.

Set on the banks of a small lake, in the heart of a park which receives over a million visitors each year (Markeaton Park in Derby), the playground took the form of a 22 metre long pirate galleon.