World's Tallest Pyramid Net, USA

Riverview Park, Mesa, Arizona USA

The City of Mesa, Arizona had a goal to build a remarkable playground that would be renowned across America. This goal fit in perfectly with Dynamo's aim of providing unique and comprehensive play opportunities. The result is an incredible destination playground featuring a 15 metre high Genesis Net Climber and a freeform climber, the Riverview Rope Course! Check out pictures of this project below.

With a capacity for up to 250 playing people the Dynamo DX-108 XXXL Genesis Net Climber has made quite an impact! Since its opening hundreds of people including older children, teenagers and adults have been using the playground well into the evening every day. People driving on surrounding roads have seen the net mast from a distance and made their way to this incredible playground!

The freeform Riverview Rope Course provides another interesting climbing experience for people of all ages. Many families use the Dynamo net climbers together and the facility is proving to be a fantastic multigeneration playspace!

For more information on the 15 metre Genesis Net Climber click here.

For more information on the Riverview Rope Course click here.

Dynamo Genesis Net 15 metre