Waverley Park VIC

59 Waverley Park Dr, Cranbourne North Victoria
Waverley Park VIC

At Waverley Park in Victoria children can journey into galaxies unknown. Take off in a fantastic flying machine or battle intergalactic aliens on the frame net! The playground design is all about stimulating the imagination!  This playground includes the following items from Proludic:

  • J2400 Speed gyro
  • J3410 Tubophone
  • J847 Spacebike
  • J4062 Tema Metropolis
  • R34-97010 Round trampoline
  • Z11-0401 Swings
  • Z14-3402 Astronaut panel
  • DC-140104 Dynamo net with stainless steel slide

 Click here for more information on these Proludic products and more.

For more information on this playground please contact the City of Casey.