Viva installed it - Blaxland

Blaxland Riverside Park is a 20 hectare park within Sydney Olympic Park that offers a scenic location for a diverse range of leisure activities. The Blaxland Riverside Park Playground was constructed by Viva Recreation in early 2008. The playground has a custom-designed net structure and slide with integrated shade sails. The mounds within the playground area are designed to reflect the elevated landform with spiralling pathway located next to the playground. Viva Recreation carried out the overall site construction and landscaping, and installed the playground safety surfacing. Viva Recreation has also installed playgrounds at other locations within Sydney Olympic Park including Bicentennial Park, The Overflow and Wentworth Common.

Here are a few images to show what is involved in construction of a major regional playground. Viva is somewhat unique in the Australian playground industry. As you can see in these images we have the in-house resources to tackle a big project like Blaxland. 



Here is the site during the planning stage. The area was once a waste dump and was carefully regenerated with a 1m cap of clay.                     Therefore all excavations had a limited depth and footings for equipment could not be installed below a certain depth. 



The first step, after installing temporary fencing and securing the site was to remove the turf and level the site.



Irrigation piping was located and capped. Then the excavation for the playground posts could begin. 



When all the posts had been carefully aligned and positioned, the high strength concrete was poured in.



In accordance with environmental best practice all spoil piles are covered to avoid contamination from run-off. Viva carefully follows

all OH&S rules and has strict workplace safety procedures for all operations.



With the posts in place, mounds and paths were constructed. 



Getting closer to the finish of the project, rubber is installed by Viva's in-house team. We do all our own playground rubber installations.

When you deal with us you have the satisfaction and confidence of dealing with the people who are actually doing the job.