The Playful Meadow, France

Sable-sur-Sarthe, France

This custom designed playground contains the following pieces of Proludic equipment:

  • J38106sp1400 Custom diabolo+ multiplay
  • JCPBEC14-07
  • J833 Gemini springer
  • J2536M IXO multiplay
  • J986 Double perch
  • J511 Cableway
  • J481 Swingset with 2x toddler seats
  • J479 Swingset

Proludic in France have provided a playground in the Quartier du Pre neighbourhood in Sable-sur-Sarthe for toddlers to teenagers. The client requested a playground incorporating a nature theme with play equipment made of highly resistant materials. The colours and textures used in the playground are harmonious, with each play zone being visually complementary to the other. The play area for older children uses play equipment with smooth lines and a contemporary visual aesthetic. The play area for young children uses Proludic’s “Grafic Games” technique to provide nature themed graphics on the panels of the custom designed Diabolo play equipment. The animals on the panels can also be used in games such as a treasure hunt, or for teaching young children the names of animals.