Jardin des Halles France

Paris worldwide

This playground by our Proludic partners in France consists of the Proludic Grafic Games variants for the following pieces of play equipment:

  • J2606 Little Train
  • J846 Chickies
  • J3957 Tiboo multiplay unit
  • J3903 Tiboo multiplay unit

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Grafic Games features bold and eye-catching themes giving play areas a new look and creating a distinctive appeal for urban areas. With Grafic Games, the paint robot has given way to the artist's brush: each product stems from a design and manufacturing cycle identical to that of the other Proludic ranges, but is hand painted.

With Grafic Games these outdoor play items are transformed into colourful works of art. Each product is themed in a bright and fun manner. The first ranges launched are based on three distinct visual themes: Grafic, Etnik and Oceane. We are also able to create customised graphics for special projects.

   Proludic grafic games