Granny Smith Park NSW

Threlfall Street, Eastwood
Granny Smith playground equipment

Maria Ann Smith, known as "Granny Smith", is one of the City of Ryde's most famous citizens! Back in 1868 Granny Smith ‘accidentally’ grew the first batch of little green apples that bear her name and are now grown all over the world. Viva Recreation helped pay tribute to Granny Smith in the Proludic playground equipment at the park with a specially designed Granny Smith Apple springer, and Granny Smith shaped apples on the tree of the Tiboo item for young children.

  • JGPBEC14-20 Granny Smith apple springer
  •  JGPBEC14-21 Tiboo multi-play with Granny Smith apple tree

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For more information on this playground please contact the City of Ryde.