Tiboo is a range that is specially designed for young children. It provides play and psychomotor activities that suit the world of young children. A succession of elements to enhance learning and fine motor skills makes up a pathway that encourages development and socialisation. Small slides, inclines and tunnels help young children develop their awareness of their own body and the scope of their physical abilities. Children can have fun on their own or in groups by clambering up the nets, going down the slides, or climbing up to the playhouse to look out at the world. Tiboo can be used in both supervised early childhood settings and public playgrounds.

Hughes Park, Lane Cove NSW

314 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove
Hughes Park, Lane Cove

Hughes Park provides a variety of innovative play equipment for children of all ages and the young at heart. Designed by Lane Cove Council's landscape architects, the park also includes a braille walk, fitness equipment and a community garden. A feature of the playground is Proludic's award-winning Grafic Games play equipment including custom designed panels that provide a safety barrier to the concrete climbing wall. Graphics painted onto the climbing wall link with the graphics on the Proludic panels. 

Hume Hockey Centre VIC

Newbury Boulevarde, Craigieburn
Hume Hockey Centre VIC

The Hume Hockey Centre (Newbury Park) was delivered in collaboration with MDGLA and the City of Hume. The play equipment was selected to offer different challenges for multiple age groups. The "twin Altimas" provide an extreme physical and competitive challenge for teens, whilst the Kayak embankment slide, Chickies springer and Tiboo Multi Play provide play opportunities for young children:

Granny Smith Park NSW

Threlfall Street, Eastwood
Granny Smith playground equipment

Maria Ann Smith, known as "Granny Smith", is one of the City of Ryde's most famous citizens! Back in 1868 Granny Smith ‘accidentally’ grew the first batch of little green apples that bear her name and are now grown all over the world. Viva Recreation helped pay tribute to Granny Smith in the Proludic playground equipment at the park with a specially designed Granny Smith Apple springer, and Granny Smith shaped apples on the tree of the Tiboo item for young children.

Wahroonga Park NSW

139 Coonanbarra Road, Wahroonga

The playground design by Ku-ring-gai Council at Wahroonga Park has been carefully considered to provide an ideal play setting for toddlers and young children: themed play, musical equipment, active items and more in a beautiful park setting for the joy of children and carers. The Proludic playground equipment includes: